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"We exist to help our clients plan for the financial impact of the inevitable and sometimes unexpected crossover points in life"

cross·o·ver / noun krôsˌōvər 1. a point or place of crossing from one side to the other.

Crossover points are not necessarily the same as the proverbial “goals and dreams”. Goals and dreams have their place in financial planning, but they are aspirational in nature. Crossover points are more pragmatic, more practical, and often more likely to occur - making their financial impact even more certain and potentially more disruptive. 

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When working becomes optional and retirement becomes affordable

When working becomes optional and retirement becomes affordable

Financial independence provides the freedom to control life's most precious commodity, our time. And by far, the most anticipated crossover point is the transition from working to not working. 

Perhaps you don't want to "retire" but simply want to use the wealth you've accumulated to do something you're passionate about.

Waking up every day with the financial ability to do something we love - whether it's spending time with family, travel and leisure, providing an education, helping our kids or aging parents, starting a new career or business, or supporting causes that are important to us - these are the reasons we save and invest.

Regardless of how it looks for you, we can help you determine how much it will all cost and how close you are to achieving it.

A financial plan that's unsinkable unless it hits an iceberg, is by definition not a plan.

A financial plan that's unsinkable unless it hits an iceberg, is by definition not a plan.

Unfortunately, many people will experience crossover points that are completely unexpected. The loss of a loved one (or the cost of taking care of one), a prolonged illness, or the loss of a job or business can present extreme financial challenges. All have the possibility of sinking our financial plans, or at least getting us off course. 

And because the timeline of our lives never stops or even slows, some are inevitable and will occur whether we are prepared for them or not.

While there are no guarantees, we believe a high quality, comprehensive financial plan - along with an experienced and dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERwill help you better prepare for the expected and unexpected.

If that sounds like the type of financial advice you're looking for, we invite you to contact us to schedule an initial, complementary consultation. 

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